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How do I buy a Smart Flexi ticket?

Smart Flexi tickets can only be purchased with a Smart card and via the Northern website or mobile app.

You can order your free, personalised card here which will normally be delivered in 2-3 days (up to 5 days).

How do I load/collect the Smart Flexi ticket I have just purchased?

Use the Northern app for rapid collection to your card, available 5 minutes after purchase. Alternatively, please allow up to 2 hours to load the tickets to your card at the ticket gates or Northern ticket machine at your nearest station.

How can I tell how many tickets are left in my bundle?

Do so by logging in to MyAccount, using the orange (NFC) card reader on the Northern app or at a ticket machine.

How do I renew my bundle?

Bundles can be renewed via the ticket portal or the app. Any remaining tickets within their expiry date will be carried over with the new 6 month expiry date.