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Off-Peak tickets allow you to save money by travelling outside the busy commuter hour. They offer more flexibility than an Advance ticket as they can be purchased anytime before you travel.

Train timetables

All of our train timetables are available online.

You can find these by visiting the Stations page for your chosen departure station. This will display every route that stops at your station. It’s easy to see which trains run outside the rush hour, and therefore are eligible for Off-Peak tickets.

Booking tickets

You can book online via our easy-to-use booking system, our free mobile app, or in person at your local station, either from the ticket office or the Ticket Vending Machine (TVM). At some smaller stations without the office or a TVM, you can buy your ticket straight from the conductor on the train.

In all these cases, put in your desired departure and destination, along with the date and time you wish to travel. We will then inform you of all the trains that correspond to your schedule, and tell you which discounts are available for your particular route, including Off-Peak, Railcards, and more.

When are our Off-Peak tickets valid?

The trains your Off-Peak tickets are valid on can vary depending on your route and when you wish to travel.

There are four types of Off-Peak tickets to choose from:

Off-Peak Day Single/Return

  • Tickets are valid all day over the weekends and bank holidays
  • Restrictions on train travel in the mornings apply for all journeys
  • Evening restrictions may also apply
  • Outward and return journeys must be made on the date on your ticket

Off-Peak Single/Return

  • Tickets can be used to travel anytime over the weekends and on bank holidays
  • Travel restrictions in the morning and/or evening may be applied
  • Outward journeys must be made on the date shown on your ticket; however, the return journey can be any day within one calendar month of the outward journey
  • Outward and return journeys must be made on the date on your ticket

You will be advised of any restrictions on travel when booking your ticket online with Northern.

Off-Peak Day Single/Return evening restrictions

If you are travelling on an Off-Peak Day Single/Return ticket, the following evening restrictions apply:

Restrictions on Off-Peak Single/Return tickets can vary depending on the journey being made and/or the day of travel.

Specific Route Restrictions


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