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The same information is available that is in the current app:

• Terms and conditions for purchasing M tickets
• Frequently asked questions
• Privacy Policy
• Delay Repay
• Social Media
• Eyewatch
• Fault Reporting

Yes. If you have more than one device/phone and want to keep certain tickets on a specific device, you can transfer them from the current one to another.

There are some strict rules that apply here so this is the only way it will work:

• First, you have to release the chosen, un-activated ticket(s) from your device. If you have bought a return, both tickets will be released. If you have activated the outbound ticket, you cannot release the return.

• The released tickets sit on the Cloud.

• You will need to login to the app on your other device(s). Once logged in, the ticket wallet will refresh with whatever tickets have been released to the Cloud.


Your M ticket should have been activated before boarding the train.  You may be required to purchase a new ticket.

A valid M ticket has the moving bar at the top showing the activation time.  It is an offence to copy any ticket or its barcode.   

You will still be required to purchase a new ticket. 

This is a VERY rare occurrence.  Try to refresh the ticket wallet.  If this fails, call our Customer Experience Centre on 0800 200 6060 and select Option 2.  The tickets for any purchases that have been made can be pushed to your mobile device.

This is the same as someone losing your wallet.  You will be required to purchase new ticket. 

This is the equivalent of losing your ticket.  You will be required to purchase new ticket.

The same rules that apply to acceptance of paper tickets when there is major disruption will also apply to M Tickets.

For manual, inspection you will need to present the activated digital ticket with the moving banner. Sometimes you may need to present the barcode e.g. at a station with ticket gates.

All digital, Advance Purchase tickets on Northern services are now covered by automatic Delay Repay.

For non-automated Delay Repay, click here for the application form.

Please click here to apply for a refund.

For manual, inspection you will need to present the activated digital ticket with the moving banner. Sometimes you may need to present the barcode e.g. at a station with ticket gates. 

The M Ticket has a visual, digital ‘ticket’. Once activated a moving banner will appear at the top of the ticket and the time of activation will be displayed on the M Ticket too.

You will need to open your Ticket Wallet, and select the ticket you wat to use by pressing the “Activate Ticket” button.

Your tickets MUST be activated at the station before travelling.

Tickets that are available for use are clearly displayed in the wallet.  The most imminent will be at the top of the list.

M Tickets and, where appropriate, TOD references will all appear in the ticket wallet.   

No, you can store your details by selecting the ‘Store this card’ box.  All you will need to remember then is your CVV number.

All standard debit and credit cards except Diners. 

The best way for you to get an M Ticket for a Northern service is to have the Northern App on your smartphone. 

An M Ticket is an electronic ticket sent to and stored on your smartphone, and only available if you have the Northern app (or other some other train company apps) on your phone.  Any tickets purchased will be stored in the Ticket Wallet in the app and must be activated before getting on the train. 

If a Northern only service is selected and can be fulfilled to an M Ticket (most of them can), M Ticket will be the only option available.

In all other cases the app will offer ticket on departure at the station.

Singles, Returns, Advance Purchase and Open Returns. Railcards and promotion Codes can also be used.

Existing, unused tickets will be carried over to the new app.  Old expired tickets won't be carried over but the transaction records will be available via our website.  

No. Your records will have been carried over from the old app so you won't need to enter contact details but, you will have to log in for the first time on the new app to synchronise records and tickets.

If you already have the Northern app on your phone it will automatically update as long as you have ‘automatic updates’ turned on. If not, you’ll have to update it manually in the app store.

Alternatively you can download it here.

If you have already purchased tickets, these will still be available in the old app.

As soon as we know the new app is widely available on the Apple Store and Android Play Store, you will need to use the new app for any new purchases.

Once you have downloaded and updated the app, you will have to do the following:

1. Log in to your account on the app (so you will need to remember your email address and password). If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it here.
2. Re-type your payment card information.
3. You may also have to manually refresh the ticket wallet to download any previously purchased tickets.