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The new timetable will deliver the benefits of over a decade of planning and investment in the East Coast Main Line. Upgraded infrastructure and new train fleets across the route will mean better journeys for some passengers between London King’s Cross, the East of England, the North of England and Scotland – supporting the economy and helping to protect the environment – although the industry does recognise that some passengers will see service levels and connectivity reduced as a result of this timetable.

The timetable follows a detailed forecast of rail capacity on the East Coast following the East Coast Upgrade, and is based on a subsequent decision by the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) in 2016 about how that capacity can be used. 

Realising the benefits to long distance connectivity on the East Coast inevitably involves some changes to some existing local and regional services. This means that the timetable does involve a series of trade-offs which the industry is seeking views on.  You can read more about these and the approach the industry has taken to developing the timetable here.  We know a large proportion of passengers rely on our regional and commuter services, so want to make sure you have your say on how you could be affected. 

The timetable is based on a series of decisions about investment in infrastructure and train fleets, as well as access decisions made by the ORR. This means that the structure of the timetable for May 2022 is fixed.

It may be possible to make some local adjustments based on the feedback received, with any wider comments about the balance of services considered for future timetable iterations. The aim is to have train plans in place by early Autumn to deliver the new timetable from May next year.

Affected routes North East

Affected routes East

For Northern the vast majority of our train service frequency and calling patterns remain unchanged. It is the departure/arrival times of our trains that will differ as a result of these proposals. In the north east we are making more of our services self-contained to improve performance by reducing some of the cross-linkages across Newcastle whilst maintaining overall frequency.

The chart below gives an overview of the changes proposed and includes links to the draft timetable documents for more detail. We have identified a small number of proposed services that have not been included in the draft timetables developed by the industry. These are referenced in the summary and we are working with Network Rail to resolve these and ensure they are correctly included.

The summary includes service comparisons with the December 2019 timetable, the last timetable change before the pandemic. Since March 2020 we have been operating a series of revised timetables which have been designed to balance customer needs with our available resources through the different phases of the pandemic, and hence the proposals are compared to the December 2019 timetable. If you would like to compare the proposed changes with services running today, you can view all current timetables at here.


Route Proposed Change Timetable Link
Bishop Auckland / Darlington to Saltburn

Retimed around the clockface to be:
xx50 from Bishop (Dec 19 xx26)
xx21 from Saltburn (Dec 19 xx59)

Darlington – Saltburn
xx54 from Darlington (Dec 19 xx21)
xx57 from Saltburn (Dec 19 xx22)

0721 Saltburn to Newcastle via Darlington now 0814 Darlington to Newcastle as 0721 Saltburn service extended to Bishop.

N3 Saltburn - Bishop Auckland


Newcastle to Morpeth

Now a standalone standard hourly shuttle all day:

xx43 from Newcastle (Dec 19 xx57/05)

xx26 from Morpeth (Dec 19 xx55)

Evening peak Chathill service starts at Newcastle at 1717 (Dec 19 1622 Carlisle – Chathill called at Newcastle at 1757)

Morning peak Chathill service starts at 0703 (Dec 19 0710) and terminates Newcastle at 0813 (Dec 19 0823)

N1 Newcaslte - Chathill
Newcastle – Hexham / Carlisle

All services no longer linked across Newcastle.

Better interval of service from Newcastle:

xx04 to Hexham (Dec 19 xx55)

xx26 Semi fast to Carlisle (Dec 19 xx23)

xx46 to Carlisle (Dec 19 xx33).

No change to return services from Carlisle:

xx33 to Newcastle

xx53 Semi fast to Newcastle

xx04 Hexham – Newcastle (Dec 19 xx56 )

N4 Newcastle - Carlisle

Newcastle – Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough - Whitby

The all stations stopping service now a self contained Newcastle to Middlesbrough service departing:

xx40 from Newcastle

xx09 from Middlesbrough

N2 Newcastle - Middlesbrough 
Middlesbrough – Nunthorpe

Stand alone shuttle service departing Middlesbrough at xx04 and xx43 from Nunthorpe connecting into and out of the Durham Coast stopping service.

Middlesbrough - Whitby will see no change

N5 Middlesbrough - Whitby
Leeds – Harrogate – York

Leeds to York via Harrogate increased to two trains per hour:

xx06 and xx36 from Leeds (Dec 19 xx29 to York and xx59 to Knaresborough)

xx13 and xx43 from York (Dec 19 xx11 from York and xx06 from Knaresborough)

Marginally quicker journey times in the York bound direction compared to Dec 19.

Leeds – Harrogate semi fast:

xx29 from Leeds (Dec 19 xx15)

xx06 from Harrogate (Dec 19 xx02)

N29 - Leeds - Harrogate
Bridlington – York

Services retimed earlier:

xx56 from Bridlington (Dec 19 xx00)

N28 Sheffield - Doncaster - Hull - Scarborough
Leeds – Doncaster

Leeds – Doncaster

xx20 from Leeds (Dec 19 xx21)

xx26 from Doncaster as Dec 19

N42 Leeds - Doncaster - Sheffield
Sheffield – Doncaster – Adwick

Departure times remain the same as Dec 19 (xx05), however there will be a seven minute journey time extension between Doncaster and Adwick due to platform capacity in Doncaster.

N42 Leeds - Doncaster - Sheffield
Leeds – York via Micklefield

York – Blackpool services will additionally call off peak / hourly at Garforth at xx38 towards York and xx42 towards Leeds

Loss of three evening peak services calling at Garforth. 1719 ex Leeds to Selby, 1730 from Leeds, (1522 ex Blackpool) and 1746 ex Leeds to York – Work ongoing to resolve

N35Halifax - Leeds - York

Sheffield - Leeds via Wakefield Westgate 


Services remain the same as Dec 19 (xx15 from Sheffield and xx48 from Leeds)

N42 Leeds - Doncaster - Sheffield

Minor changes

Minor changes to timetables as a result of the proposed changes

N7 & 40 Leeds & Bradford Forster Square - Skipton

N26 Sheffield - Doncaster

N32 Sheffield - Lincoln

N34 Scarborough - Hull - York

N34a Sheffield - York

N36 Calder Valley

N39 Leeds - Bradford Forster Square - Skipton

N41 Leeds/ - Knottingley - Goole

N34 Sheffield - Huddersfield 

N46 Leeds - Bradford Forster Square


We welcome your feedback on these proposals, to share your views please click here, you’ll be asked three things:

  1. To choose which timetable or route you want to comment on (drop down list available) – you can comment on more than one route if you would like to. (Choose other from the drop down menu to comment on more than one route)
  2. Do you have any comments on the proposed timetable?
  3. Are there any suggestions or aspirations you would like the industry to consider for future timetable changes (examples might include changes to frequency, residential or commercial developments which may drive customer demand)?

The consultation is open from 11 June, closing on 5 August.  Given the volume of responses we receive, we won’t be able to respond to everyone individually.  However, we will review them all and we’ll be summarising the collective feedback to share with industry partners and Department for Transport to help inform the final timetable.  We will also publish that report here in the autumn.

Give your feedback

If you would like to know more about the change to other operators’ services, a high level summary of changes is available here and we recommend you click on the relevant links below for the latest and detailed information.


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