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Sheffield Home of Football walking tour. 

Sheffield has a long history of ‘world first’s’ where football is concerned.   Even today, the oldest football club (Sheffield FC) still plays, and the first football stadium in the world is home to Hallam FC.   The oldest professional football stadium in the world is in the city and the world’s first ever floodlights at a football match lit up the city’s skies. 

This heritage tour will take you around the historic footballing hot spots that shaped not just Sheffield football, but football worldwide. While visiting the ten stops you will be introduced to the places and the people that made Sheffield the home of Association football.  You’ll be transported back to the Victorian era when, between between 1857 and 1889 Sheffield had 95 football clubs when the world’s first football club started,  The journey will cover the second half of the 19th century telling stories of the first football derby, the world’s oldest Football cub and the ancient grounds where the games were played. 

You can easily follow the trail by downloading the free app from the Apple store or Google Play.