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Nottingham is home to an independent art scene, teeming pubs and clubs and everyone's favourite outlaw, a certain Robin Hood. Highfields Park offers a stunning open space to take some time out with friends or family, and the National Video Game Arcade provides a celebration of videogame culture and offers new ways to play together!


Quasar Elite are proud to offer Nottingham’s largest indoor laser game arena, split into three floors. It’s a massive 5,000 sq foot of semi-dark playing space with smoke, music and flashing lights.

In the mood for a great show? Then head to the Glee Club in the British Waterways Building. An evening of laughs and good times awaits you, with comedians galore to tickle your fancy. And don’t forget to stop by Café Glee for a pre-show drink. Visit Website

Built in 1807 by the father of George Green, Green’s Windmill is now a popular museum and science centre.

With 21 hectares to play with right in the centre of Nottingham Highfields Park is the perfect location to stop, look around - and take a good, deep, breath of fresh air.

With animals big and small, growing fruit and vegetable, Stonebridge City Farm is a small slice of the countryside in the heart of the City of Nottingham!

A traditional English Pub with a dining area at the back set in a sandstone cave. The pub offers locally sourced home cooked English food and is renowned for its delicious Sunday Lunches.