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Dramatically perched on the cliffs above the River Nidd, the medieval town of Knaresborough is a maze of ancient cobbled paths and stone staircases that weave their way up the hill from the river.

For the best views of this unique town, arrive by train and cross the imposing stone viaduct. To appreciate the viaduct’s soaring arches, walk along the picturesque riverside or row a boat on the Nidd.

Knaresborough offers something for everyone, from the marvelous Henshaw Arts and Crafts Centre, to a medieval castle and even a magical spring that turns objects to stone. Discover this magic for yourself at the famous thermal spring at Mother Shipton’s Cave.

For our foodies, be sure to visit Knaresborough on a Wednesdays when its Market in the centre of the town comes to life to offer a true taste of Yorkshire, from locally grown seasonal produce, hearty Yorkshire meats and pies, fresh fish from the coast, to an array of local cheeses and beers. You might even be lucky enough to hear the Town Crier announce the news and events of Knaresborough from the square.