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Cocoa is a chocolate sweetie shop & cafe nestled in the hills of Sheffield. Dreamt up by two best friends who refuse to grow up. It is an emporium of wonders & delights, with rows and rows of every kind of sweet imaginable in sparkling glass jars and overflowing with the tastiest chocolate in all the land.

Their friendly shop is adored by many, young and the young at heart. People visit from far and wide, just for a little taste of Cocoa’s magic. Adults are transported back to their childhoods, into a nostalgic place (where they will never need to worry about grown up things). The little girls and boys are amazed by the dazzling rainbows of treats and find themselves lost in a realm where their sweetest of fantasies come true…

The Cocoa girls go to great lengths to find the best confectionery (& love adventures). So… one day they decided to travel to the deepest darkest corners of the planet to visit the birthplace of their favourite chocolate in the whole wide world…

They embarked upon a great journey and travelled to a tiny island called Grenada in the Caribbean. There they lived in a beautiful jungle, but this was no ordinary jungle. A lush tropical orchard of vibrant flowers & cocoa pods surrounded them, it was paradise. They helped pick the pods and scoop out the seeds. When the beans were ready, they took the cocoa down to the factory and watched it being transformed into chocolate bars. It was now time to fly back to Cocoa’s customers.

After such an inspiring trip, they decided they too wanted to make their own chocolate creations... but not just any old chocolate. Chocolate, that with just one small bite, you’re lost in it’s delicious magic. So, the girls booked themselves in at the Chocolate Academy (the only education they would need)! Years of carefully considered chocolate concocting have passed and their secret recipes are finally ready to be revealed here…

Contact and Getting Here

462 Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S11 8PX

0114 268 5050

Opening times

Monday - Saturday : 10am - 5:30pm
Sunday: Closed

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