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Join our passionate and enthusiastic Service Planning department and you’ll get involved in shaping our future railway. You’ll help us keep our finger on the pulse by predicting future needs in everything from timetable engineering to special event planning.

When it comes to passion and enthusiasm, our department has it all. This is where our brand-new future is shaped, and it’s the home to people with incredible attention to detail, and brilliant analytical approaches.

As part of the team, you could get involved in long term projects that examine how new infrastructure can improve our timetables, or you could help develop the detailed timetables and resources plans in the short term that are essential in helping us deliver our services.

Julia - Head of On Time Performance Improvement Manager

Julia - Head of On Time Performance Improvement Manager

Julia leads a team of 15 as Head of On Time Performance. With over 30 years experience in the industry, she highlights the work her team are involved in across Northern. 

Either way, you’ll need to be the kind of person who can quickly understand many other parts of our business, build good working relationships, and figure out the best path through all kinds of challenges.

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