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Our trains and stations might be the face of our business, but there’s lots of action behind the scenes too - on the front line, in engineering, or in one of our many offices.

Our workplace moves fast, but it also means that your career can move just as quickly. In fact, we’re always looking for people who can show us new ways of working and adapt to different working environments. And if that sounds like you, youll be rewarded with incredible opportunities to progress.

Being the second biggest train operating company outside of London means we offer a huge variety of incredibly rewarding opportunities. But don’t worry - we understand that not everyone has an expertise in one particular field. Thats why some of our roles come with full training, so you can get your career off to a great start whatever your skills, experience or background.

And wherever you join us, you’ll discover that our brilliant customer focused environment won’t just help you do what you love - it’ll help you love what you do, too.

Take a look at our roles now to see if there’s anything that suits you…