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We'll keep you on the right track throughout your rail career with outstanding opportunities to develop your skills and learn new ones.

Northern employees are provided with all the training they need to make the very most of their jobs (roles) and grow within Northern.

It's just how we like to do things - the Northern way, you might say. And there are plenty of ways in which we go about it.

Corporate Inductions

When you arrive here, you'll attend a two day corporate induction event, where you will other new colleagues and we will give you a full overview of the Northern business. We will show you exactly how you will fit in and contribute to the Northern family. You'll also receive a local induction, where your line manager will give you a full tour of your workplace, introduce you to your colleagues, give you an overview of all the different elements of your job (role) and associated safety issues.

Train driver training

Learn how to drive a train the Northern way. Over the course of 64 weeks we will turn you into a qualified train driver. You will undergo  a mixture of classroom based learning at one of our Training Academies in either Manchester or Leeds and practical training at the depot where you'll be based. Some of your training will be at one of our maintenance depots and it will be delivered by our team of experienced trainers and instructors. Our trainees enrol on a Level 3 Train Driver apprenticeship. 

Conductor Training

Our conductors are given 16 weeks training, which sees them based at one of our Training Academies in Manchester or Leeds 56% of the time, with the other 44% spent out on our different trains, at one of our maintenance depots or at the station where you will be based. The training will be delivered by our experienced team of trainers and minders who will give you all the tools you will need to be a great Northern Conductor including safety critical and customer service skills. Our trainees enrol on a Level 2 Passenger Transport Onboard & Station Team Member apprenticeship.

Developing in your Northern role

We have a dedicated People Development Team that is passionate about delivering the very best personal and professional development to our employees. They will ensure that all our team leaders, as well as our frontline, middle and senior managers are offered unique, tailored development programmes. On top of that there will be Toolkit workshops, which focus on specific topics.

A uniquely Northern initiative called 'Get On At Work' allows our employees the chance to reflect on their past experiences and skills sets. We offer guidance on writing applications, interview skills and presentation practice. All the while, our people have a Career Development Guide, which they can use to gauge their progress and take control of their future.