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As one of the UK’s largest train operators, it’s no surprise that we serve hundreds of communities every day. Inside our organisation, we’re working hard to make sure our business is as diverse as those communities. While outside, we’re committed to understanding their needs, celebrating their diversity, and giving back whatever we can, wherever we can, whenever we can.

We do this in lots of different ways, and one of the most important is our work in support of Community Rail - a network of partnerships around the country that connect communities with the railway, train operators and other partners.

For example, we currently support a wide range of projects that promote diversity and inclusion, including Ticket to Pride, Women in Rail and Women in STEM, through to smaller projects like ‘Stand Clear of the Closet Doors!’ which set out to help create a safe space for young LGBTQIA+ people on the network.

As well as helping young people take part in positive social action, we’re also busy helping to increase awareness of training and career opportunities across our industry. We know that women - especially those from the BAME community – are particularly under-represented in the rail industry, so a key focus for us involves working with local education groups to help pupils and students understand the career that are open to them.

In fact, reaching out to schools is one of our genuine strengths, and community engagement is quickly becoming a priority for us when it comes to our Early Careers programmes. With brilliant apprenticeships and ‘Year In Industry’ opportunities, we’re able to offer young people incredible chances to create and deliver their own community projects, and develop valuable skills in budget planning, project management, collaboration, and more.

Richard - Regional Community and Sustainability Manager

Richard - Regional Community and Sustainability Manager

As a Community Manager for the East Region, Richard focuses on CSR. Volunteering, representing and championing the communities we serve. 

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