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 Northern’s community funding

We provide core funding to 21 active community rail partnerships (CRPs) across our network. CRPs bring together local communities and the rail industry to engage with the wider community and encourage use of the lines they represent. All our CRPs will have a paid officer (full or part time), with all other roles or activities undertaken by volunteers. We are not the sole funder of CRPs, they may receive funding from other train operators, local authorities or other organisations. They may also receive support in kind such as providing office space and equipment for a CR Officer. In addition to receiving core funding, CRPs are eligible to apply to our seed corn and station adoption funds. As with other community groups they will be eligible to apply for funds or grants from a wide range of sources for specific projects.

If you would like to know more about CRPs on our network and the work they do, simply click on the relevant line on the map below, it will take you to the CRP website.


Seedcorn Funding

Northern’s seedcorn fund is designed to help kick start projects that may otherwise struggle to get going but will potentially deliver significant benefits to communities across our network.  The fund is open to community groups Northern works with and to date has supported a wide range of projects including those supporting social inclusion, feasibility of community use of station buildings and line enhancement studies. Check out our case studies to learn more about some of the projects that have benefitted from seedcorn funding. If your group would like to apply to the fund you’ll find guidance and application forms here.


Station Adoption Funding

Station Adoption activity is usually undertaken by volunteers who undertake a wide variety of projects so whether it’s funding for flowers, cash for community cafes or pounds for painting (art that is!) then we have a fund available.  It’s a simple process to apply and guidance and application forms can be found here.  If you want some inspiration for projects take a look at our case studies.