Our Train Presentation Teams are the people who make sure our trains offer a clean and welcoming environment for our customers. And because we operate 7 days a week from early morning right into the night, it’s more of a challenge than you think.

On the team you’ll find Managers, Supervisors, Shift Leaders, Operatives and Support - all focused on delivering that true Northern experience - 24/7. So if you’re someone who thrives on providing great customer service, you’ll discover a rewarding career with lots of opportunities for personal development and promotion.

Train Presentation Management (TPM)

Our Train Presentation Managers are responsible for providing real leadership that keeps our teams motivated and inspired. Above all, it’s about keeping our people and customers safe by making sure our trains clean and ready to be able to leave our depots on time.

Train Presentation Supervisors (TPS)

Train Presentation Supervisors look after things like rostering, people issues, and welfare situations. But they’re also responsible for checking that we have enough of the right equipment and stock, and that the team’s work is at the right standard, working across flexible shifts over an average of 35 hours per week.

Train Presentation Leaders (TPL)

When it comes to day to day tasks, our Team Leaders are responsible for making things happen. They make sure that all cleaning tasks are completed by the teams who are on duty, working across flexible shifts over an average of 35 hours per week they also check trains to make sure we hit the highest standards when it comes to cleanliness.

Train Presentation Operatives (TPO)

Working at our depots, in these manual but rewarding roles, our Train Presentation Operatives spend their time jumping on and off trains. Our TPO's work across flexible shifts over an average of 35 hours per week. Making sure we provide a safe and welcoming environment that all of our customers can enjoy.

Train Presentation Support

Finally, Train Presentation Support keeps the rest of the team running smoothly by taking care of rostering, training, auditing, administration, ordering and more.



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