Colleagues who work in our support functions are our ‘behind the scenes geniuses’ who help us to achieve our goals whilst ensuring the daily needs of the business are met so that colleagues and customers can carry on with their daily activities. Departments in support services include; HR, IS, Marketing, Finance, Performance and Planning and Commercial.

Human Resources (HR)

Our teams working in HR are the first point of call for all people related enquiries. HR work closely with the recruitment team, providing administration support where needed.

Information Support (IS)

The IS team provides a complete IT service to the company, developing, protecting and exploiting our investment in computer hardware, software and data.

Communications and Marketing

The Communications & Marketing teams strive to promote business excellence, attracting new customers and ensuring that revenues are increased as a result.

Communications assist in the design, development, and delivery of internal communications strategies that ensure employees receive timely, relevant, engaging and accurate information.

Marketing are accountable for the clear and consistent delivery of the centrally devised Northern Marketing strategy in a local manner, that contributes to the achievement of requisite revenue increases and returns on investment


The finance team manages and directs the financial processes and systems towards our primary objectives, based on profit and return on capital. They contribute to the overall strategic and commercial direction of the business playing a major role in business growth whilst maintaining financial control and instigating best practice in corporate transactions.

The team also ensures that a framework of planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting systems exist to ensure financial performance is accurately measures, that variations are identified and appropriate action is taken, whilst directing resources to pursue and exploit all opportunities to maximise our business performance.

Performance and Planning

The Performance & Planning Department provides the opportunity to be involved in the shaping of our future railway from timetable engineering and special event planning in the Service Planning team, provision of train crew for our services in the Resource Planning team, keeping our finger on the pulse in Control by ensuring the safe delivery of our 1500+ passenger train journeys, through to the Performance team who are responsible for monitoring and leading performance improvement.

Northern operates over 2500 services per day an approximately 87 million passengers per year.

We’re an enthusiastic team, involved numerous wide-ranging issues, liaising with internal and industry colleagues and key stakeholders, and can really make a difference. The Performance and Planning department is an exciting place to work if you are passionate about railways and enjoy a challenge.