As an apprentice new to Northern, during your induction, you can expect to be introduced to a wide variety of new information and experiences which are relevant to your job role and other aspects of the railway. This may help you to understand how, as different departments, we work and communicate with one another to help keep things on track and running as smoothly as possible. These new experiences include tours of a working depot as well as our customer experience centre in addition to other exciting opportunities which give a further insight into how you, along with all your colleagues from right across the business, play a vital role.

You will attend college two days a month where a tutor will visit you to: assess you, set assignments and aid you with your professional development and your qualification. You will be expected to work on your assignments outside of the classroom and you will be given ‘study days’ as well as the resources necessary to facilitate this. Whilst certain aspects of the qualification may not be directly relevant to the railway, each person’s assignments will be tailored to suit them in their specific line of work in order to aid their development in that role.

At Northern we hold a high standard of professionalism in all areas but particularly when dealing with other organisations and our customers. It is important that you treat everyone with respect, remain conscientious and act accordingly to suit each situation. You should always remember that in our line of work, the safety of yourself and others must always come first before anything else.

You will also work in a team with other apprentices to run a project of your choosing which aims to develop/improve a railway station. As part of this you will further develop your skills as you will be dealing with businesses, the general public and quite possibly some areas of the local government. You will also need to develop funding bids as well as create a presentation to feedback the workings and results of your project to directors and senior managers within Northern.